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I. Training & Development

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The Learning Path and Methodology 

Step 1.Assessment 

First of all, we conduct a gap analysis in performance, knowledge and skills to understand your company and learning ecosystem. 

Step 2.Establish a learning strategy 

Along with your leadership team, we set out specific goals and metrics to measure progress.

Step 3. Content development

Based upon your company's goals and a sound strategy, we customize a training plan for your employees. 

Step 4. Deployment of training plan 

We adapt to your industry's cognitive learning style to execute the training plan. 

* CSS is not affiliated with OSHA. Our training services are not a substitute for experienced legal counsel on any aspects related to Human Resources and does not provide legal advice or attempt to address factual issues that arise in any employment-related dispute. 

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II. Translation Services



Our team also specializes in the translation of legal, corporate and business documents from Spanish to English and viceversa. 

As members of the American Translators Association - Law Division, we currently assist clients in the translation of documents and terms (from a Comparative Law perspective) whereas is a birth certificate or an executed agreement. 

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Is your company customer-oriented?


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